I decided to build a coat-hanger antenna last weekend. It required 6 coat hangers, one long block of wood, screws/washers and a balun (UHF/VHF converter). The whole project cost less than $10 and now the signal strength is 100% on all channels. In fact the TV reports 100% at 24dB where as the signal is as strong as 30dB on some channels! And the antenna isn’t even positioned precisely. I just dropped it next to the window. Lesson learnt – never spend money on a TV antenna.

TV Stations info Me holding antenna Antenna closeup

Instructions to build your own are on YouTube.


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  1. Varian says:

    How far away can you pick up with it? What kind of parts do you need to get and how much does each cost? What measurement for the coat hanger and how far a part do they need to be to pick up uhf channels 65 miles and 100 mile ? What do the measurement have to be to pick up the higher vhf channels and what do the measurement need to be to pick up the lower vhf channels 65 miles and 100 mile? Email me back with photos at varians@yahoo.com


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