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In December of 1975, I came into this world; I was born in a hospital in Dayton, Ohio. I grew up in Hyderabad, India until the age of 17. Higher education brought me to Tampa, Florida where I attended undergraduate and graduate schools. I still live and work in Tampa.

My interests involve travelingphotography and anything related to science and technology. In my spare time, I like to work on my pet project called CarPC. The goal is to build a linux based GPS and mp3 player for the car. The device will be solid-state, i.e. there will be no moving parts. There is something very appealing about things that are inherently reliable and run forever with minimal maintenance.

My philosophy in life is to keep things simple and balanced.

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I have had this website in one form or another since 1993 when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy. Initially, my pages were hosted on an FTP server at University of South Florida where I my got bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Eventually, an HTTP daemon was installed and I switched over to it. Sometime in 2001 or so, I bought the domain and transferred my pages to a commercial hosting service. My current job which I started in 2003 helped me learn all the tricks of hosting. Today I run my own server. It serves as a web and mail server for about a dozen people. It runs on a $300 Linux server utilizing only free open source software.

This website has helped me learn the basics of HTML, PHP, MySQL and javascripts. I use them in my professional life as well. It started out as useless pages and steadily evolved into a place for publishing my software as well as pictures for sharing with family and friends. The Internet age has been a boon as it has helped me keep in touch with old friends. It has also introduced me to new people and even got me job offers.

Sumit in other languages:

सुमित – Сумит – 苏 密 特 – سوميت – Σουμιτ – 쑤미트


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  1. Xiong Juntao says:

    I am interested in the Software named tmrs,now I need the tiger data file,I had visited the website of tiger,but there is no files with extension .RT1 and .RT2. could you send me a copy of it. thanks.

  2. joel munger says:

    I find myself in dire need of the interface software for the BR3 (obd2) interface. Do you still have a copy of this?

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