Software Projects

The following is a list of programs what I have written over the years. Feel free to download and try them out. Some are quite ancient and will probably not run on today’s computers. I will attempt to put as much source code online as possible.

Picasa Web Knockoff
The goal was to create a website which behaves just like Picasa Web Albums, but using PHP and plain JavaScript with asynchronous calls. The coolest feature of this program is that the pictures are resized dynamically on the server side based on user’s viewable area.
PHP/MySQL Guestbook
Just another guestbook script. This one attempts to be XHTML and Section 508 compliant. Layout is controlled by CSS. There is a basic admin interface which allows you to delete unwanted messages. Fairly simple piece of software.
Mapping and routing software based on Tiger data files. Designed on run on embedded systems.
Network Spy
Tools for capturing packets on computer networks.
Internet Maniac
A collection of network tools such as trace route, ping and host lookup.
TV Viewer
TV Viewing software for windows
Put computer to sleep after preset idle time.
IP Multicast based messaging system for offices
Utility for notification of email in POP3 inbox.
A CD player that stored track record.
Network Utilities
Collection of tiny utilities such as host lookup and traceroute.
My first win32 API application.
A simple C program which monitors network packets for HTTP requests and logs them. It can be installed on any platform supported by libpcap. Source code will be posted once I clean it up.
Quick Photo Gallery
The PHP script used on this website. Simply drop your files in a folder and invoke the script. It automatically generates thumbnails for pictures and movies and creates an online album. Here is an example of an auto-generated album – San Francisco
Discover shared folders over networks.
Tool for keeping track of the state of servers.
Graphic Equalizer
A visual simulation of a stereo graphic equalizer.
A java button applet which displays a picture and plays a sound when clicked.
A library for tracking how long the system has been idle.
Split Window in Win32
Sample code showing how to implement a splitter using win32 API.
Basic Java Applet
An applet for drawing basic shapes.
A very old addressbook program coded in Visual Basic 4.
Academic Projects

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  2. Angus says:

    Thanks for Internet Maniac – It’s awesome. I use it all the time :)

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